Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Intro Intro Intro

Welcome and hello to my first blog all!

Wow! There is a lot of pressure to ensure that your spelling is in check, that your words are intelligent, and that your information is interesting!

So I guess I will just begin and see where it takes us all...

I will start at the beginning... I began sewing in junior high school Home Ec class... My beginning projects were not always fitted perfectly, were not always sewn straight, and not always what I had envisioned when I started. But, it gave me the start of what grew to become my greatest passion and a huge part of me. I was very fortunate in that I was able to take Home Ec through high school which gave me a strong sewing base.

Once I moved out it would be a few years before I purchased my own sewing machine and began sewing once again. Since then I have learned so much more; some through classes, some through books, some through trial and error, and some through "Creative enhancements" (that is a mistake (a word that really doesn't fit in my sewing world...) that merely means that you need to come up with a creative idea, or adjustment, or embellishment to make it a happy accident and to make it work!).

Sewing for me allows me to think outside the box sometimes, to not always follow the rules, to try something new, to have the ability to keep learning, to never be bored again!!!

I have worn many hats in my working life: server, retail store manager, accounting clerk, book keeper, receptionist, administrator assistant, registered Dietary Technician, Director of support services in a nursing home, restaurant manager, etc... One of the big draw backs is that it took me away from being creative and away from my child. It was not exciting, I am not a morning person, I am not a 8-5er, and it was not a job that I had full control.

So finally I turned 40 and said I quit, what do I LOVE TO DO? I love quilting, sewing, creating.... I love playing and I love kids.... that brought me to teaching kids (and older kids aged 18 to 80! ) to learn to sew and share my passion with them! I researched the Kids Can Sew program and became a licensed Kids Can Sew instructor and have never looked backed!

Since starting, it has been one of the best career choices I have made! The kids always prove they are great problem solvers and can solve the sewing pattern puzzle and create a great garment that they can wear with pride. It comes complete with a huge smile of pride as they show their parents and friends. It comes complete with a boost of confidence, and the absolute joy of turning a big piece of fabric into something unique, something special for a friend, something fun to wear, and something fabulous!

Sewing should be fun. Sewing should be a creative outlet. Sewing should be tailored to what you want it to be... So if you want to learn to sew, learn the basics, learn to follow a pattern, learn to create your own fabric, learn to embellish, learn to quilt, learn to embroider and have fun in a positive environment...why not contact me and we can talk about your sewing wish list.

Smile, Take Care and Be Creative!

Natalie :)
Happy Sewing